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Clary Sage Herbal Tea

Clary Sage Herbal Tea

Clary sage is like sage however it is devoid of toxicity. Estrogen like it helps in menstruation disorders. And also to get past the delicate course of menopause, especially in the event of a hot flash and palpitations.

It is recommended if you sweat too much. Be careful not to take during a high fever and when you need to sweat in order to externalize your pain.

Tonic of blood circulation, diuretic. It is also antispasmodic and antimycotic.

And then, it is really delicious, which really does not spoil anything. Pour your barely simmering water over your plants and let it infuse, then settle down comfortably and enjoy!

Be careful not to use too hot water which would harm the active ingredients of the plants. The water must be at 70 ° degrees. There you are, you know everything !!!


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